About me


I wanted to start with writing a blog a long time ago, but didn’t know where to begin.

My idea was to write about things that keep me moving forward and encourage my passion for discovering and trying new things – whether a new country or an untried recipe. Finally I realised that I want to write about my fuel for life.


My perpetual but not the only fuel is travelling. I tend to travel solo, which has taught me how to be independent and fearless. That kind of trips fully charge my mental and emotional batteries, however physical batteries are often pretty much empty upon my return 🙂

Not by choice but by necessity I am a gluten free girl. Not the easiest option but certainly a challenging one 😉

Beside discovering new places, I am also passionate about good food, photography and fashion. I find inspiration in people, architecture, art, nature and music. Life begins at the end of comfort zone, so I tend to opt for challenges and pushing limits.

I work full time and am currently finishing my studies in Psychology.


We all forget about the fuel, that keeps us going, way too often. So with writing I try to remind myself about the things that keep my world spinning, make me happy and ensure, that I enjoy life to the fullest. With writing I try to remind myself about my fuel for life.


Thank you so much for reading!


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