Cambodian visa guide

Cambodian visa guide

Cambodian visa guide

If Cambodia is on your bucket list, either for a longer trip or only for a dose of Angkor temples, you’ll probably need a visa to enter the country.

You can apply for a Cambodian visa in three different ways:


E-visa is the easiest and quickest option. You apply online at any time with a simple process. Within 3 working days, you should receive the approval letter. Print it and show the e-certificate at immigration and you’ll be allowed to enter the country.

But be careful!
E-visa is accepted only at Phnom Phen, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville international airports and at the specific land borders. A full list of allowed ports of entry is available here. If you’re not entering the country through any of those, this is not a suitable option for you.

E-Visa is valid for one month and is single entry only. It costs $30 (plus $6 processing fee).

You can apply for your e-visa here:

Cambodian visa Kingdom of Cambodia

Visa on arrival

I have used this option both times I visited Cambodia. Obtaining a Cambodian visa on Siem Reap airport was quite easy, so was on a land border crossing on my way from Vietnam back in 2014.

Visa on arrival costs $30 and requires one passport-sized photo.

This option is slightly cheaper than e-visa, however, a few extra bucks can take you directly to passport control. Skipping the immigration process can spare quite some time, especially in rush hours.

You can download the Cambodian visa application form, print it and fill it in advance. Having this paper ready will save you time, as you won’t have to search for information just before immigration.

Traveling to Cambodia? Make your plans with Lonely Planet!
Traveling to Cambodia? Make your plans with Lonely Planet!

Cambodian visa via embassy

Applying for Cambodian visa via the nearest embassy is an obvious but the least convenient option. For tourists like me, this is really a no-go option, since it takes too long to arrange a visa.

However, in some cases, you won’t have a choice. Call or email the embassy in advance and get a full list of required document for visa application. This will save you time and possibly additional travel costs since you’ll have a full set of documents ready at first application.

The total cost of the visa will depend on the embassy.

Cambodian visa guide

Happy and safe exploration of Cambodia, Kingdom of wonder!

Thank you so much for reading!



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