Changes: Dear Santa, Dear 2016…

Changes: Dear Santa, Dear 2016…

As promised at the end of the previous post, here it is. My favorite holidays are here and so is the end of this year! ?

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Every year our family gathers for the celebration and this time will be no different. But this year our family counts one member more than last year. We got a very special gift just before Christmas – her name is Maruša and she decided to meet the world on 22nd December early in the morning. After two nephews (who are my favorite men, by the way), I am now an aunt to a baby girl. Oh boy, will she be spoiled… ??

In the past year, I have learned that the most important things in life are the ones you can’t buy in a store. Family, true friends, health, time, happiness, a wish come true. And travels, the experience of traveling definitely belongs to this list, even though you do have to buy an airplane ticket… ? What I have also learned is that the best way to show someone you love them is by giving them your time. It’s priceless and once you give it away, you can never get it back.

2016 will bring changes. Changes mean new things, new people, new experience, which in one word means progress. The word change may sound horrifying to some, but changes keep us safe from stagnation, help us grow and become better selves.

Have a very merry Christmas filled with laughter, good food and company of your loved ones!

As for the year 2016 – dare to step out of your comfort zone, dare to take risks, don’t be afraid of what can happen. Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.

Happy Holidays and thank you so much for reading!


Wrapped gifts are waiting under Christmas tree
baby (noun)
A little bit of heaven sent down to earth

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