Eating in Athens – gluten free but still traditional

Eating in Athens – gluten free but still traditional

Eating in Athens was definitely my favorite part of the visit. If you have ever been anywhere to Greece or even in Athens, you will know what I am talking about. If not, you need to plan the trip to this gastronomic country as soon as possible.

Site Find me gluten free helped me with eating in Athens gluten free – here is the link to it. It also comes as an app for Androids and IOS.

In this post, I have listed one full day of meals with links to my favorite restaurants. All below local delights are gluten-free and most of them are also vegetarian.


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Somehow I agree since this is the only meal I cannot function properly without.

Even though it is served as a dessert, my go-to breakfast would be a delicious mix of Greek yogurt, honey, and walnuts. Creamy texture with a pinch of crunchiness will keep you full and ready for. Plus the honey will make you start your day sweet, no matter what 😉 Traditional dessert is served all over the city, but I recommend to have it at Arcadia.


In case that yogurt will not keep you full till lunch, don’t worry. Street vendors around every major site are preparing a delicious snack right when you are reading this. Corn, grilled on the cob, with a pinch of salt, is juicy and delicious. You will get it served in a paper bag, which makes it a perfect bite on the go.

Eating in Athens


Sorry, but I can’t choose just one dish for lunch. 🙈 When I decided to write about eating in Athens, I first thought it’s going to be easy to choose one dish per meal. Wishful thinking, especially when I came to lunch part. 😁 However, I did manage to narrow the list to vegetarian and meat dishes.

If you opt to go for vegetarian dishes, then stuffed tomato and peppers should be your go-to lunch. After you finish your visit to Acropolis, sit down in a pleasant shade of Arcadia’s terrace, enjoy the great food and observe the tourists walking by.
If you’re more of a meat person, head to Trattoria. Gyros is a traditional dish with either beef or chicken grated meat, served with fries and tzatziki (something you need to try in any case!). Ask for menus – you also get a greek salad and a dessert along with the main course. They serve gluten-free pasta too.


Ice Queen Gelato clearly marks their gluten free ice creams. Grab a scoop (or two) to have sweet company while you stroll through Plaka and its pop-up souvenier shops.

Coffee break

Have a cup of Greek coffee on the rooftop terrace of A for Athens. Not only the coffee is good, but the view over Monasteraki square and Acropolis is also excellent! Keep in mind that this place gets crowded quickly, so you might end up with a standing table and waiting in a line to sit down. Insider tip – those who order food (even if its finger food) get the table 😉

Eating in Athens


For a light dinner head to Lithos tavern. Their menu clearly marks gluten-free dishes, so you’ll be in no doubt whether you may eat something or not. Salmon with green beans and corn is delicious. Desert comes on the house – while I was there, they served watermelon. In the evenings this place tends to be completely full, so make a reservation.

Eating in Athens

Thank you so much for reading!



Wanna know, how the rest of the week (besides eating in Athens) went? Coming soon 😉

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