Essaouira, the Wind City

Essaouira, the Wind City

Be prepared to be blown away when you arrive at Essaouira. First, the wind is so strong, that not even a jacket, scarf and long trousers will keep you warm. Second, you will easily get lost in the alleys of the medina and explore hidden parts. In some parts of the city, artists can be observed at their work.

My expectations for Essaouira were completely different from what I have actually experienced.

Despite the strong winds waves were not good enough for surfing. This activity was actually the main reason I got to the Atlantic coast. The conditions were perfect for kite- and windsurfing though.

Instead of surfing, I got to spend some time with the German artist. For him this was not the first visit of The Wind City, so he was practically my personal guide on the first day and a partner in crime for ‘chillaxing’ on the sandy beach the next day. After that, I went to the hammam, a Moroccan-style spa. I spoiled myself with traditional ‘gommage’ (exfoliation) with henna – worth every penny.

Three meals and a few acquaintances later I was again hitting the road towards Marrakech.

With my tough negotiation skills, I have managed to buy souvenirs for family and friends on bazaars of Essaouira and Marrakech. On my last visit of Jemaa El-Fnaa beautiful Moroccan lady painted another tattoo to my left arm, but this one is here to stay only for a month or so.

Train towards Casablanca, with me sitting on it, left the pink city today right after sunrise. Another train took me to the airport, where I “enriched” working hours of Head of Airport’s Security. Thanks to exception he made, I exported only a few (and not a bunch of) Moroccan Dirhams, so they will now keep company to other currencies in my travel wallet ?

This was written 38000 feet above Gibraltar, (un)fortunately meaning I caught my flight back towards Europe.

I landed in Venice full of mixed impressions about Morocco, which I will share with you in a separate blog post ?

Thank you so much for reading!



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