How to get through airport security like a pro


How to get through airport security like a pro

As you probably know already, for security reasons all passengers and hand baggage are security checked before entering a world of Duty-free shops, cafes, endless uncomfortable seats and of course boarding gates ?

I’ve been doing more than 50 flights a year and as a result, I have quite some experience with airport security checks. Sharing is caring, they say, so here’s my knowledge and experience from the past few years ?

Why you should keep reading?

A security check can be the most stressful part of taking a flight. But security checks don’t need to be a “pain in the ?” – not if you learn the tricks. So read further to make your travel experience easier and less stressful ?

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Security check rule Nº1: Don’t forget (or ignore) the liquid rule

First of all, ‘liquid rule’ is the most important one, especially when you haven’t purchased check-in baggage. After 11th September 2001, the majority of airports allow you to travel with a maximum total capacity of 1 liter in your hand baggage, where one packaging must not exceed 100 ml. All liquids need to be presented separately at security and be sealed in a see-through resealable bag.
While packing also keep in mind that not only water or shampoo count as liquids. Hair wax, toothpaste, and even ice cream belong to the same category.

But don’t worry – this rule does not apply for checked baggage. You can keep full 250 ml of your favorite shampoo in the bag that you will check-in ?

Get ready already before getting to the airport

Furthermore, you can do yourself and other passengers a favor if you think about traveling already at home. Pack your hand baggage smart and keep your clothes simple. So if possible, don’t wear a belt, many layers of clothes or a scarf. If you do (well, sometimes you just can’t avoid it), take them off already in the waiting line. If you’re wearing a watch, remove it as well. Keep your pockets empty and don’t wear over the ankle shoes otherwise, you’ll need to take them off. While still at home, also think about what needs to be separated during screening. Put things like liquids, smart devices, and laptop in one bag. In this way, you will only need to “separate” one bag instead of three. So much quicker, you’ll see ?

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Come to the airport with an empty (reusable) water bottle

OK, this is not really the best security check advice, but I’m keeping it in ? When I mean with this part is, your bottle should not be filled if you plan to go to security immediately after arriving at the airport. Otherwise, you will need to either drink everything or empty the bottle before going through security. In addition, most of the airports offer free drinking water, so it will be a win-win situation. You’ll save money and the environment because you won’t need to buy water in a plastic bottle.

Send your things to security screening in the correct order

Sending your things to security screening in the correct order will help you at the end to quickly put your things together in the right place. I am almost always traveling with three pieces of hand baggage. Suitcase, a laptop bag, and a handbag. Laptop and liquids are in a laptop bag, which is resting on the suitcase. If I want to collect my things quicky and leave security check as soon as possible to grab that coffee at Starbucks or have late lunch at the business lounge, this is the correct order to send things to screening for me:

  1. Suitcase
  2. Laptop bag
  3. Laptop
  4. Liquids
  5. Handbag

Pieces will come out of the “security tunnel” in the same order, so I will first put the suitcase on the floor, laptop bag over it, laptop and liquids in the bag. Then I only need to grab a handbag and I’m good to go.

Last security check rule (but not least): Put puzzles together in a peaceful environment

So you were very fast with the previous steps but you were wearing a belt, you had to remove shoes and you have two layers to put back on (gotcha, airports, and flights can be freezing ?)… Don’t try to put everything on you at the security desk, because other passengers won’t be able to collect their things. Therefore take one trey, put all your belongings in it and move aside. Most of the airports have designated areas for this purpose – so you can dress and put shoes on without bumping into others.

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Et Voila! You’re educated passenger now! ?
How do you prepare for security checks? Do you do something similar? Do you have any additional tips and tricks? Let me and other fellow travelers know below in the comments ??
Thank you so much for reading and happy travels!

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