Season 01, Episode 01 ~ traveling and everyday stories


Season 01, Episode 01 ~ traveling and everyday stories

One of my best friends often says someday a series will be written and shot based on my life’s story. This is probably not going to happen but her joke was definitely an inspiration for today’s title. Every story has a beginning, so let me start with my “official traveling release” ?

Nothing can beat the feeling of waking up alone in an unknown city. The excitement you feel, the urge to explore and see new things, the desire to experience a piece of the yet undiscovered… The best part is you get to do it alone, with no one to distract you.

Lots of people say I’m crazy and/or weird because I am traveling alone and enjoying it ?

Well, some admire my decision, even though they’d rather stay at home then take a long trip by themselves. Some want to try solo traveling but have never done it for various reasons. A few people I know have traveled or are solo travelers and they all love it. I definitely love it – there is no doubt in that ?

Since my very first “backpacking” trip I wanted to try solo traveling at least once in my life. Only after I’ve done it I understood what makes it so special. It’s truly addictive.

When you are out there on your own, traveling solo, you are completely free.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can choose to stay an additional day in an urban city to explore its hidden parts. Or you can decide at noon that you’re taking that 4 p.m. bus heading to the other side of the country, where you will learn how to surf. You can stick to your initial plan. Or not.

What’s addictive is you don’t have to explain yourself to anybody while doing it.


When I’m traveling, flight mode on my phone is usually turned on during the whole trip – not only for saving battery but it also serves as my “turn off” button ?

None of us has the luxury to manage our time exactly as we want to. This is one of the main reasons I love traveling solo – you are your own boss. You get to choose, you get to decide. True, as the important leader of your own world,  you get to bear the consequences as well ?


I have arrived in Foz do Iguazu, which is a starting point on Brazil’s side to visit the magnificent Iguazu Falls.  The plan is to visit the Brazilian side in the morning, then cross the border and see the famous falls from the Argentinian side as well. In the evening I am heading to the airport, where I’m catching a flight to Brazil’s capital city.

I don’t want to write a novel (just yet), so I will finish up for today ?

Thank you so much for reading!


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