Slovenia ~ 12 reasons why it should be on top of your travel list

Slovenia ~ 12 reasons why it should be on top of your travel list

The country I am proud to call my home, is the only country in the world, that has LOVE in its name. After your visit you’ll understand… It will impress you to that extent, that the only thing you could do, is LOVE it!

Slovenia is amazingly beautiful, but it’s not a very known country. Perhaps exactly lack of recognition kept it pristine. Despite being small, our lovely country has it all (ha, and it even rimes ?).

I would write Slovenia will surprise you with its pristine nature, rich history and gastronomic experience. A while ago I read an article in Airserbia magazine that poetically describes it:

“Between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian plains, there is a place where forests touch lakes, mountains merge with seas and vineyards overlap with fields – the perfect destination at all times.”

Sounds like a magic place from a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Here’s a glimpse of what you can see and do in Slovenia:


Slovenia is full of hiking trails, the prettiest for me being at Gorenjska (that’s also where I live). During winter you can try our ski slopes and during summer same hills turn to adventure parks.


The fact that the very close area of lakes or sea cannot be privatized gives you a great opportunity for walking or cycling tours around lakes. You can even swim in most of them or at least have a coffee and kremšnita (Bled cream cake) with a spectacular view.


Coastal part is a nice mix of Italy and Istria. Observe how architectural styles change throughout the country. My favorite ones are stone houses from the coastal part. There are also some nice parts for swimming and enjoying evenings with beautiful sunsets.


The underground world of Slovenia will leave you speechless! When you visit, a train ride through magical Postojna cave is a must ?


Canoeing and rafting will take care of adrenaline addicts. To the rest, they offer magnificent views.


Well, I once said that home of the best pizza is not in Italy, but across the border. It’s a bold thing to say, but I say it again – Slovenia makes best pizzas (sorry my Italian friends!). And it’s not just pizzas, no! The traditional food of each region offers variety on your menu. I bet gastronomic experience of Slovenia will be one of your favorites.


After “dine” comes the “wine” ? vineyards and wine cellars are a special story in Slovenia. Each winemaker has their own old recipe, producing 100% natural wines without chemicals. For the most enthusiastic wine lovers, there are even wine tours ?


No wonder Slovenia is a synonym for the green country – 64% of it is covered with forests. My favorite is the road to Pokljuka, where you’re surrounded by tall spruce trees, that look like green giant guardians of a secret, hidden gem.

Natural thermal springs & thermal spas

When you are tired from hiking and city bustle, this is a perfect way of relaxation. Springs are located on the plains but also at the seaside, so you just need to pick the view that suits you best.


Lose your way on hallways of medieval castles and listen to tales of knights and witches from centuries ago. My favorite one is Predjama castle, the largest cave castle in the world.

Rich history

Despite being a fairly young country (became independent in 1991), Slovenia is full of history.

Lipizzaner horses

Lipica is the home of the graceful white Lipizzaner horses. Grab a blanket and fill a basket with snacks and drinks before you come – this is just a perfect picnic spot.

You see? In Slovenia, you can do anything!
But I challenge you – don’t believe what I say, come check it yourself ?
Thank you so much for reading!

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