When in Rome…

When in Rome…

Some time ago, a co-worker asked me to share travel tips, since she is planning a trip to Rome. I have promised to dig travel journey out of my “don’t-forget” box and bring it to her the next day. I took the box out of the closet and ended up digging pretty deep and evening-dreaming about Rome.

A visit to Rome was my very first solo trip. I remember how excited I was when the time of the flight finally arrived. On this trip, I fell in love not only with Rome but also with solo travel.

Here is a three-day itinerary with some quick tips and in my opinion must-sees for a long weekend in Italy’s capital city.

Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine hill

Colosseum is one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and is located in the same archaeological area as the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Entry ticket covering all three sights is valid for two days (one entry per sight; separate entrances). Since the queue tends to be longest at the Colosseum ticket booth, you might want to buy yours at the Palatine Hill entrance to save some precious time.

The Pantheon

Look up when you enter! The entire building is illuminated by a ray of sunlight shooting down from the “oculus”,  a round aperture at the very top of the dome. Open daily, no admission charge.

Trevi fountain

By taking a few steps from one of the best preserved of all Roman building (Pantheon), you can reach the magnificent Trevi fountain, which was unfortunately under repairs when I was visiting.

Spanish steps

For me it was not so much for the steps as for the window shopping and gelato ? On a walking distance from Trevi Fountain.


I highly recommend buying a ticket in advance and reserving a full day for the visit of the world’s smallest country. I have made my reservation through Tickitaly and was pleased with the service. Don’t forget to bring your ID – you are visiting another country. Wear modest clothes (covered shoulders, at least knee-length shorts/skirt). Bring a small bag with you, otherwise, it will be collected at the entrance. Also bring some water and maybe a snack, since you will be strolling around for a few hours.

Public transport

Transportation options are pretty good, Rome Tool Kit offers a good overview of public transportation options and prices, which are pretty accurate. If you’re arriving from some other city in Italy or continuing your journey to one, you can easily find a cheap train ticket using the Trenitalia search engine. In case you are wondering how to arrive at or from certain city, Rome2rio will save you a lot of google-ing 🙂 Funny, how name of this website joins my first and currently last solo trip… just a thought ? If you are taking a flight to Italy’s ancient capital, Rome Airport Bus is the cheapest option to get to and from the city center.

Gluten-free Eataly

You can’t imagine how easy it is to eat gluten-free in Rome! Pizzas, pasta, bruschetta, gelato, focaccias… Everything is available in gluten-free version and tastes as delicious as non-GF typical Italian dishes. Restaurants, that serve GF food, are practically suited near all major sights, so you won’t have to run across the town to fill your stomach. GF meals are cutely marked with little flags, so the waiters don’t mix up the orders  – pretty clever, don’t you think? When ordering, just ask for a GF menu and don’t forget to order some wine – you’re in Italy, remember? ?

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